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Cities, public places, open spaces - 
let's make them accessible for all!

Accessible public park
accessible information city public office

  • You can tell your citizens which public services are accessible to them and how
  • Accessibility grants equal rights, opportunities, and freedom of choice 
  • Accessibility improves everyone's quality of life and reduces dependency.
  • Only easily available information about accessible services guarantees the personal and economic independence of all citizens including people with disabilities, seniors, parents and children.

What to register:
  • Governmental services & offices
  • Health institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Public transportation & every stop
  • Hazard alerts or change information
  • Sign posts and trails
  • Tourism attractions
  • Public places
  • Trails & Promenades
  • Public parking
  • Information platforms

Register your public place

An individual
A public official

This is why: 
By courtesy of ENAT - The European Network of accessible Toursim

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