Who are we?

Dream, check, go for it!

A social impact business

Our company "The 6th Sense - Social entreprises Ltd." came into being, in 2013, from a vision to provide accessible tourism, leisure and quality time as a service for and preferably by people with disabilities and their families.

Our greatest difficulty was to find reliable and in-depth information about accessibility when planning vacations for and with our clients. The need of an innovative idea became apparent. And in the beginnings of 2015 we started conceptualizing "Accessible?" the app for individual accessibility information.

Our business' objective is to do something socially good while attaining financial and economic sustainability.

Our profits will be invested in greater and better accessibility; accessible tourism; to enhance the employability of people with disabilities; and to make accessibility a cognitive standard in our environment – which means that we engage in raising awareness and offer solutions for various accessibility needs among our suppliers, our partners, our country, and as much as possible, the general public. 

We will give preference to employ people who need accessibility to jobs: single parents, seniors, people with disabilities, and people living in peripheral locations.

Our company will be environmentally conscious.

We do it with joy!
Accessibility information explanation at conference for accessible parks
tandem bicycle riding with blind people

Accessibilize now!

The app - coming soon

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